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Kingdom Magi -Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Gaia’s Mystery
A few Minutes later the entire sanctuary was awake. Tribalians and Kuo-Tua’s alike were forming all around the temple, with their weapons at the ready. Heero and Munir were running to the stables, accompanied by Folenam and Susej. As Heero ran towards his white horse, Susej and Folenam brought Munir a second one. This horse was brown, and had long black hair. Munir Mounted the Horse, as Folenam secured the back doors and took out a metal Torch-like object.
“Now Listen, Heero, You know which way to go. Munir, Just follow him. We’re sending a few decoys to Saphiria and to Alticoras. The King is expecting you, and a second guard is waiting at the end of the east trails, Asuka has gone to warn them.”
A sudden explosion was heard through out the entire place. Clearly a battle had begun.
“I’ve never ridden a horse before!” Said Munir shocked.
“It doesn’t matter, you’ll know how by instinct,” Said Susej anxio
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Kingdom Magi Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The Nightwalkers
The air was still, and the sky was darkening all around the sanctuary. Near midnight, in the lower gardens and courtyards, animals began to come out. Nocturnal animals. Small mice scuttered through the tall grass and Owls sat on the trees, listening to their prey. There were also a few deer walking through the gardens and cougars stepping silently amongst the woods.
Most of the Order was asleep now. Only a few Nocturnal races (Like the Sand People called Tribalians.) stood guard around the sanctuary’s perimeter. Inerax (Forest people sleep only 3 hours) was in the library, tracing lines on different maps when Susej Kythleon entered the room accompanied by Illiath.
“Good evening gents” Greeted Inerax, without turning to face the newcomers.
Illiath sat next to the Dionian whilst Susej just paced around the Library, clearly searching for a book.
“I wanted to speak to you about tomorrow’s arrangements, we should plan the journey out…
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Kingdom Magi Entire chapter 4
Chapter 4
The Kingdom Magi
All was dark, No feelings and no sensibility. Space twirled all around Munir as he lay there.  Or was he lying down? Consciousness began to reappear inside his head. Something strange had happened tonight… for it was night…all was still dark.
He had defiantly gone into the forest in search of a treasure along with Tuomas and Anni… where were they? He couldn’t see them. He’d call Asuka to look for them… Asuka… The eagle had made him touch the water in a fountain which had transported them to a clearing with 3 moons… And they had been attacked. That couldn’t be… he remembered a fight, A teenager on a white horse and a strange creature… a mans’ torso connected to a Lions body…like a lion-type centaur… it’s face was clearly in his head when he realized he had eyes, and began to open them, just to see a bright light and the lion man’s face staring down at him.
“Heero, Il
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Kingdom Magi - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The Quest
“So awesome! I didn’t know you practiced Sword fighting”
“I don’t”
“Where did all that come from then?”
Anni, Munir and Tuomas sat on the edge of the lake, munching down sandwiches before heading off to Mrs. Sullivan’s game “The Quest”. They had changed into dark clothes (Which according to Anni, would make things easier for them) and now sat anxiously awaiting the upcoming activity.
There had been only one topic all around camp that day, that the daydreamer had taken down K.S (Kevin’s nickname) with such ability, that now everyone treated Munir with some more respect, but also distantly. This didn’t help at all, for Munir now felt he was being isolated from everyone. Even the teachers seemed to be whispering behind his back. Munir sometimes wondered whether Mrs. Sullivan was going to punish him, but from what he heard, she only said “Finally Daydream is becoming a true man!”… This made
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Kingdom Magi - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The night was lighting up slowly, as the first rays of light hit the sky like tongues of fire, creeping from behind the tall green mountains and over the calm rivers. The air was full of life, and the breeze came by, making the leaves dance around the canopy, and the grass sway smoothly.
All around wildlife was beginning to turn up; Squirrels left their trees to search for breakfast, dancing through the branches as trapeze artists do. A couple of deer’s and some rabbits made their way silently through the forest looking for the riverbank.
A soft cry broke the sturdy silence as an eagle flew by; gliding through the air with an unnatural ability, as if the creature was part of the air itself. It soared with an amazing grace and began to land near a dark figure which was sitting on top of a boulder, gazing at the distant heavens.
The eagle’s claws hit the ground with a soft thud and the bird looked up at the person next to him. This person was a 15 year old boy b
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KINGDOM MAGI - first chapter
Chapter 1
The sky was dark, except for the usual twinkling stars that shone around a full moon, which hung there, a vast giant orb, which cast an eerie silver glow on the entire forest.
Under the great canopy, the ground was dark, although a blue-ish glow seemed to come from the center of the forest itself, as the rays of light crept silently through the old tree trunks. All was silent.
There stood a clearing, in the very center of the forest, where the tree’s were older, the branches thicker, and the tree trunks stood closer to each other, creating a kind of maze all around the clearing. The source of the blue glow stood in the center of the clearing. Tall and majestic, a fountain made of white marble poured water from the top of its body.
The fountain was huge. At the top was a small marble sculpture of a palace, which stood in the middle of a large basin. The basin was supported by 4 statues of 4 women, each kneeling at the bottom. Their faces beautiful, each facing either nort
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LORDI REMAKE FRONT COVER by Director-DCR LORDI REMAKE FRONT COVER :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 0 0 Fire Cellist 2 by Director-DCR Fire Cellist 2 :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 0 1 THE FIRE CELLIST by Director-DCR THE FIRE CELLIST :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 8 7 True Love by Director-DCR True Love :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 0 3 Eternity by Director-DCR Eternity :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 2 2 MURDOC Wants to Play the Cello by Director-DCR MURDOC Wants to Play the Cello :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 3 5 THE TWINS by Director-DCR THE TWINS :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 12 10 RUSSEL Wants to Play the Cello by Director-DCR RUSSEL Wants to Play the Cello :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 2 0 MANGA STYLE by Director-DCR MANGA STYLE :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 0 1 Noodle Portrait by Director-DCR Noodle Portrait :icondirector-dcr:Director-DCR 3 2


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Hi People!

Well, Im back again, now with a story, a novel Im writing.

KINGDOM MAGI!!!!!!!!!!
A totally original Novel I'm currently writing. Thankyou to Carlos Muñoz, his entire family, Beto Zamora, GLoria and all the people who've been supporting the project for some time now (4 years actually...)

Story is about a teengae boy (munir) who is summoned from this world to another magical world to fight and free the strange land of KINGDOM MAGI"

Any e-mails and comments are welcome

here are the current chapters:




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